Choosing a WordPress theme


I love the internet. And I love web design.  Building your own website for your business is daunting. But I’m here to tell you, it’s possible. AND FUN (if you’re a nerd like me). The trick is in the planning. Before you begin, set aside all your visions of [...]

Choosing a WordPress theme2019-04-04T23:09:31-04:00

Everything you wanted to know about SEO


Search engine optimization — or SEO — is still a relatively new concept for some. Most business owners know they need it, but many don’t have the time or desire to research how to incorporate it into their marketing strategies. If you feel like you missed the SEO train, [...]

Everything you wanted to know about SEO2018-04-19T13:09:07-04:00

5 common mistakes in writing


The top mistakes I see when I'm editing It’s difficult to get through the day without writing. Emails, texts, social media captions … we’re all writing more than ever before. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal when we spot a mistake, especially in texts and quick, [...]

5 common mistakes in writing2018-10-08T15:12:33-04:00
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