10 words you might be using incorrectly


We’ve all been there: You’re deep in a riveting conversation and reach for a smart-sounding, multi-syllable word to make a point. Once it’s out there, you hesitate slightly, wondering if the word you used is the right one. This list is not about those ten-dollar words. The ones you [...]

10 words you might be using incorrectly2018-10-30T14:07:18-04:00

Habits and routines of 5 famous creative people


I’ve always been interested in people’s daily routines. I’m a creature of habit myself, and I love learning how others go about their days and the rituals that spark their imagination and productivity. It’s especially fascinating to learn about the habits and practices of creative geniuses—some of which are [...]

Habits and routines of 5 famous creative people2018-10-25T16:37:34-04:00

5 common mistakes in writing


The top mistakes I see when I'm editing It’s difficult to get through the day without writing. Emails, texts, social media captions … we’re all writing more than ever before. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal when we spot a mistake, especially in texts and quick, [...]

5 common mistakes in writing2018-10-08T15:12:33-04:00
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