10 words you might be using incorrectly


We’ve all been there: You’re deep in a riveting conversation and reach for a smart-sounding, multi-syllable word to make a point. Once it’s out there, you hesitate slightly, wondering if the word you used is the right one. This list is not about those ten-dollar words. The ones you [...]

10 words you might be using incorrectly2018-10-30T14:07:18-04:00

5 common mistakes in writing


The top mistakes I see when I'm editing It’s difficult to get through the day without writing. Emails, texts, social media captions … we’re all writing more than ever before. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal when we spot a mistake, especially in texts and quick, [...]

5 common mistakes in writing2018-10-08T15:12:33-04:00
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